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Athlete of the Month 2024

Austin Youth Fitness Athlete of the Month is a showcase of the talented young people in our community. The power and spirit of our youth is limitless, and AYF thinks it's important to let other young athletes know what their peers are doing in the fitness community. 

Congratulations to the following AYF Athletes of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month!

Dominic is an AYF veteran - he has been biking with AYF since he was 7 years old! He has participated in the Westenfield biking club for many years and has joined us for countless camps! He was nominated by his coaches because "Dominic is a natural leader, and kids are drawn to his energy and really look up to him. Since he is an AYF veteran and is the oldest in the Westenfield Biking Club, he has been such a wonderful help with the younger bikers and serves as a junior assistant coach. He is always ready to jump in and help out his coaches. It has been so fun to see him grow over the years and develop a passion for biking!"

Dominic gets his love of biking from his dad, and has ridden 16 miles with him! In addition to biking club, Dominic plays I9 football and soccer. He once scored 5 touchdowns in one football game!

Dominic also helps his mom coach special olympics volleyball, cleans up parks for It's My Park Day, and is a volunteer bark ranger with Austin Parks & Rec.

Dominic loves AYF because "it's fun to be able to bike around and see the world, see friends and the coaches. It's just a good time."

Dominic's favorite thing about school is recess, and he wants to be an NFL Football Player when he grows up!

Way to go Dominic Remington for being AYF’s February Athlete of the Month!

January Athlete of the Month!

Courtland is a regular in the Casis Running Club and is almost at the junior-coach level! She was nominated by her coaches because "Courtland is a great example of the AYF pillar of friendship. She does a wonderful job encouraging the younger kids and making sure everyone is having fun. She also goes the extra mile and cheers for her fellow runners."

Courtland is a seasoned athlete! Last year, in her school's half-mile run, she won fastest girl in the 2nd grade and came in 10th place overall (her time was 4:02.79)! She also got 2nd place in the mile swim in her age group at Camp Longhorn last summer, and was awarded Westwood Waves swimmer of the week.

Along with running and swimming, Courtland plays soccer and basketball, is a member of the Tarrytown Dance hip hop team, is in the Casis Times school newspaper club, and participates in ASK Bible Study. She is also the oldest of three girls and is a great big sister!

Courtland's favorite things about AYF are the fun games, running laps, running with friends, and the encouragement from her coaches.

Courtland's favorite things about school are reading, writing, and PE.

Way to go Courtland Anderson for being AYF’s January Athlete of the Month!

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