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Athlete of the Month 2016

January Athlete of the Month

Jack Stites currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Gullett and is in 5th grade. Jack's coaches say he is an enthusiastic, tireless athlete who works hard to challenge himself. Jack is always willing to run a little farther and is a great role model for the younger runners. Jack ran in the Austin Turkey Trot the past five years running one mile when he started and now up to the five mile distance. Jack has also run the Cap 10K and the Daisy and Brain Power 5Ks. Jack is also an avid mountain climber, and he has climbed four 14,000 foot mountains! Aside from running and hiking, Jack also plays baseball for Northwest Little League, plays flag football, plays basketball with Upward, and soccer with NASA. Jack is also participates in Cub Scouts, the Gullett Student Council, and the Gullett Choir.

Jack says this about Young Guns: "My favorite thing about Young Guns is getting to run with my friends and going to the trail with my mom. Coach Dooley and Coach Terra push us to accomplish our goals, but they are always nice. After I go to Young Guns, I am happy and I know I've done my best. I also like to learn more about running and doing things that make me faster."

Congratulations to Jack for being Young Guns January Athlete of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month

Franny Cutter currently attends Young Guns at Cedar Creek Elementary and is in the fourth grade. Young Guns is new to Cedar Creek Elementary, and Franny joined the running group not knowing at all what to expect. Franny's coaches nominated her because she works hard, follows directions, and has a great attitude when coming to Young Guns. When the group started, Franny was the only girl in the group, but had a blast! Franny is very active and is overflowing with interests. She loves horseback riding, biking, and taking her dog for long walks. Franny also has a passion for the arts and has been taking acting lessons for several years. She also loves music and is part of a youth rock band where she plays keyboard and sings vocals.  But most of all, Franny is happiest when she is with her close friends or family.

Franny's favorite thing about Young Guns is the awesome Young Guns coaches at CCE and how supported she feels by them. The coaches are also very motivational and they make running fun! Franny always wants to be part of the Young Guns Running Group at Cedar Creek Elementary! 

Congratulations to Franny for being Young Guns February Athlete of the Month!

March Athlete of the Month

Cal Meroney currently attends Young Guns at Doss Elementary as well as the Cross Country Running Group and is in the fourth grade. Cal's coaches nominated him because he is always up to run a little farther, has a great attitude, works hard, and is so fun to talk to on our longer runs at our Cross Country Group. Cal has been running since he first started walking at nine months. His first race was the Junior Dillo when Cal was six years old. He finished this mile run at 8:05, leaving his mom in the dust! Cal has also run in the iTryKid's Triathlon, the Trail of Lights Fun Run, and just ran in the Run to the Sun Relay this month. Aside from Young Guns, Cal loves playing in all kinds of sports, and Young Guns is great for keeping his cardio up for these sports. Cal has been playing soccer since he was four and currently plays with NASA. He also plays flag football for i9 and baseball for Northwest Little League. He also swims for the Westwood Waves and isn't afraid to ski black diamond slopes. In addition to his athletics, Cal is a Cub Scout, is an acolyte for Tarrytown Methodist Church, loves climbing trees, and enjoys Nerf Gun battles with his friends! 

Cal's favorite thing about Young Guns is RACING! Cal loves running fast and setting new personal best times. He also enjoys learning more about how to build endurance and run longer distances with the Cross Country Group on Saturday mornings.  

Congratulations to Cal for being Young Guns March Athlete of the Month!

April Athlete of the Month

Piper McGinnis currently attends Young Guns at Casis Elementary and is in the 2nd grade. When Piper first started Young Guns in kindergarten, she didn't want to run the track because she was worried about being last. Now Piper's coaches say she is dedicated, perseveres, is positive, and can turn it around if something goes wrong. Piper likes running around the neighborhood and the hike and bike trail. She recently trained and ran in the Run to the Sun Mile Fun Run. Aside from running, Piper participates in gymnastics and is part of the 1799 Brownie Troop.

Piper's says this is her favorite thing about Young Guns: "I like to see how much I've accomplished. I used to get sad because I was always last, and I didn't think I could do it. The coaches helped me learn how to pace myself and not go all out and that it was really, really FUN. They've taught me how to be a good sport and cheer everyone on - it's not just about me!"

Congratulations to Piper for being Young Guns April Athlete of the Month!

May Athlete of the Month

Joseph Thibert currently attends Young Guns at Cowan Elementary and is in the 4th grade. Joseph's coaches nominated him because he always has a positive attitude, he tries hard to do his best, and he works well with all of his Young Guns teammates! Joesph ran in his first 10K this spring as part of the Capitol 10K, with a time just under one hour and thirty minutes. Joseph has also participated in a number of Austin running events like the Junior 'Dillo Mile, CASA Superhero Run, Autism Speaks Race, and the Chuy's Kids K. Aside from running with Young Guns, Joseph has been playing soccer for the past three years with Lonestar Soccer Club. He also enjoys riding his bike along the hike and bike trail at Town Lake and is part of the Webelos with Boy Scout Troop 403.

Joseph's favorite thing about Young Guns is "stepping it up" and pushing his endurance to see if he can beat his time from the beginning of the session. 

Congratulations to Joseph for being Young Guns May Athlete of the Month!

June Athlete of the Month

Parker Williams currently attends Young Guns at Casis Elementary and is in the 1st grade. Parker's coaches nominated her because she's always up for running the mile run, as it is optional for her age group. She also decided to skip out on the games the last day of Young Guns and instead ran the 15 Minute Challenge, completing over a mile! Parker first started running for fun with the Junior 'Dillo Kids Run when she was three and four years old. Last year she was the fastest girl in kindergarten at Casis. This past March, Parker ran in the Run to the Sun Fun Run and was first in her age group. Parker also loves to ride her bike around the neighborhood as well as around Lady Bird Lake. Aside from running, Parker enjoys most team sports and plays soccer, basketball, and tennis. Parker also loves gymnastics and swimming. Outside of physical activities, Parker loves to learn as much as she loves to move. She enjoys taking art classes, is part of the Daisies Troop, and attends Tarrytown United Methodist Church.    

Parker has many favorite things about Young Guns and says she can't get enough! It's her favorite day of the week when she has Young Guns, and she loves up/down tag, sharks and minnows, the warm-up run, the 15 minute challenge, lava ladder, would you rather drills, and the awesome coaches!! 

Congratulations to Parker for being Young Guns June Athlete of the Month!

July Athlete of the Month

Luca Munoz currently attends Young Guns Biking Group @ Eiler's Park as well as Cycle the City Camp and is going into 3rd grade. Luca's coaches nominated him because he always comes to biking group with a great attitude, has improved his biking skills, and always has so many great conversations to share on our rides. Luca recently accomplished biking using one hand, something he has been working hard on for awhile. Luca has also been working on improving his freestyle stroke, backstroke, and is learning new strokes at his swim team, the JCC Piranhas. Luca also plays soccer with I9 and has been improving by going for the ball during games. Luca even participated in a pick up game of soccer on the beach during a recent trip to Mexico. Aside from these athletics, Luca also is an avid gamer, volunteers with Little Helping Hands, loves reading graphic novels, and enjoys building Legos.

Luca's favorite thing about Young Guns is "getting sweaty" and he loves how hard, but fun the bike rides are. Luca also enjoyed stopping at some fun Austin places to get treats while doing Cycle the City Camp. 

Congratulations to Luca for being Young Guns July Athlete of the Month!

August Athlete of the Month

Naomi Taylor currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ NYOS and participated in Young Guns Fit N' Fun Camp this summer! Naomi's coaches nominated her because, "She has a sweet soul, never complains, and always tries her best!" Last year was Naomi's first year doing Young Guns and she really loves it! She is new to running, but Naomi always keeps herself in motion with hiking, playing with her dog Eyebrows, and bouncing on the trampoline. Aside from Young Guns, Naomi is also a derby girl and is on the Texas Rollergirls Junior Derby Team.

​Naomi is also a well rounded student who is an avid reader, loves math, and she'll be part of the Steel Drum Ensemble and chess club this year. Her family camps often and are dedicated to the principle of "leave no trace" on their explorations! Naomi believes in playing with joy, learning as much as she can, and having lots and lots of silly fun!  

Naomi's favorite thing about Young Guns is playing all sorts of different, FUN games after a nice run. 

Congratulations to Naomi for being Young Guns August Athlete of the Month!

September Athlete of the Month

Luke Batiansila has been with Young Guns Running Group @ Casis for over 3 years and is in the 4th grade. Luke's coaches nominated him because he is always working to improve his speed, knows how to have fun, is a great student during PE class, and is a beast when he is running for time. Luke has used his speed and placed 1st in numerous races around Austin like the Run to the Sun Mile Run, Wild Hare kids mile, the Zero Prostate run, and has been the fastest in his grade level for the mile at Casis with a mile time of 6:33!!! Luke has also placed in the top three finishers with the Austin Speedster Track and Field Meets, the Bone Shaker one mile run, and the Hard Block in Silverton, CO. Luke can't stop running and can usually be found on the sidewalks in his neighborhood running with his family and trying to beat his brother Jack in a foot race. 

​Aside from Young Guns, Luke plays basketball with i9, flag football, soccer, and is a swimmer. Luke loves to read, listen to music, and plays the piano. Luke and his family love being outdoors and take a yearly trip to Utah, Colorado, and Oregon. 

Some of the most important things he has learned through running are to know what good form is, to be a good sport, and to pace himself for the distance he is running. Luke's favorite thing about Young Guns is sprinting, running with the other kids, and playing some fun game! 

Congratulations to Luke for being Young Guns September Athlete of the Month!

October Athlete of the Month

Anabel Vohl participates in Young Guns Running Group @ Cowan and is in 5th grade. Anabel's coaches nominated her for Athlete of the Month because, "She is respectful, kind, a great athlete, and super helpful. She takes it upon herself to help with the younger runners without being asked to." Anabel is involved in many different sports and events, and running helps her excel! Anabel participated in UT Diving Camp over the summer and has also qualified for the Northeast State Championship for gymnastics, and placed 4th on the vault. Aside from these two sports, Anabel also loves to snowboarding, rock jumping, paddle boarding, swimming, biking, and camping. 

​Anabel was awarded 1st place in the Austin Regional Science Fair and also placed 1st in her age group for the Head for the Cure 5K. 

Anabel says this about her favorite thing about Young Guns: "I love Young Guns so much! My favorite thing is my coaches and teammates. They are so kind and supportive."

Congratulations to Anabel for being Young Guns October Athlete of the Month!

November Athlete of the Month

Max Chasen has been participating in Young Guns Biking Groups for the past four years. Now Max is in 4th grader at Casis Elementary, and his coaches nominated him because he always comes to biking group excited to ride, loves to be the leader of the group, and is a strong biker who knows how to have fun!

​Max has learned many bicycle safety lessons in our group, and his biggest accomplishment is being able to bike independently to friend's houses. Aside from biking group, Max loves to stay active with participating in flag football, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. During the summers, Max loves to sail Sunfish at Camp Longhorn as well as his family sailboat. Max is also learning how to wake surf! 

​Max's favorite thing about Young Guns is being able to bike to different fun destinations around Austin like the dirt bike park, the spray paint castle, and Zilker Park. 

Congratulations to Max for being Young Guns November Athlete of the Month!

December Athlete of the Month

Leighton Callaham is a member of Young Guns Running Group at Eanes Elementary and is in the 5th grade. 

Leighton's coaches nominated her because "she is always excited about pushing herself when running and she is a great team player!"

Leighton has been a lifelong athlete and finished the 2 mile Zilker Park Christmas Light Run in 2015. She has run in numerous kids runs. She is also on the Westlake Select Soccer Team and was Player of the Month in October!

Leighton is a Junior Girl Scout, plays the piano and rides horses. She is also the Grand Jr. Champion of the Bluebonnet Egg Show. Leighton says she loves Young Guns because they do running games and she loves to run!!

Congratulations to Leighton for being Young Guns December Athlete of the Month!

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