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Athlete of the Month 2022

January Athlete of the Month

Isaac Seif participates in AYF's Running Club @ Casis Elementary as well as AYF's Biking Club @ Westenfield Park. Isaac was nominated by his coaches because Isaac always comes to running and biking club with a smile and ready to have fun! Isaac is a kind kiddo who is a great friend to so many. Also Isaac works well with all of his coaches and other runners and bikers! Isaac is very proud of being able to keep up with the big kids during biking club. 

Aside from running and biking, Isaac plays soccer and basketball at WAYA. You can regularly find Isaac and his older brother Sam (a previous Athlete of the Month) outside playing at Westenfield Park. Isaac is also fluent in Spanish, and he wants to learn to play the piano. 

Isaac's favorite things about AYF are the games like sharks and minnows and up/down tag.

Isaac's favorite thing about school is PE class and his friends. When he grows up, Isaac wants to be a soccer player. 

Way to go Isaac Seif for being AYF's January Athlete of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month

Max Faust participates in AYF's Running Club @ Forest Trail Elementary and was nominated by his coaches because, "Max has been a 'stud athlete' and is a great example to other runners. He's even more eager this session to run and improve his skills!" Coach Allison Halverson. 

Max has really improved on his running session after session, and his current mile time is 7 minutes. He's participated in several fun runs and a 5K. Aside from running, Max plays baseball, flag football, basketball and participates in chess club. 

Max's favorite things about AYF are the games we play during running club. Max's favorite thing about school is PE and lunch, and when Max grows up, he wants to be an NFL football player.

Way to go Max Faust for being AYF's February Athlete of the Month!

March Athlete of the Month

Aria participates in Barton Hills running, biking, and yoga clubs as well as AYF's summer camps. She was nominated by her coaches because she is a wonderful role model in both running and biking clubs. She is also great about following the rules while with AYF and is very respectful to others!

Aria is super-active and has participated in youth soccer, swimming, gymnastics, ballet/jazz/tap, and Ballet Folklorico classes. She has chosen AYF biking/running clubs as her two main outlets for getting exercise, improving her skills, developing leadership capabilities, and making new friends.

Aside from AYF Aria is a Girl Scout with BHE Troop 42929 and has attended monthly meetings and performed community service to earn numerous badges this year. She attends continuing religious education classes weekly at her home parish and is a junior Associate of the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

Aria enjoys the outdoor aspect of AYF groups/camps, and especially enjoys exploring different parts of the city and surrounding areas. Cycle the City has been her favorite, and she recently decided to add AYF Yoga to her afterschool activities. She has stated that she feels safe and learns new things from her coaches.

Aria's favorite subject in school is Music and her second favorite is PE. Her favorite parts of the day are lunch and recess, which give her fun time with her friends. Aria aspires to be a vet, a doctor, a singer, and a dancer. Most recently, Aria added "Mother" to her list of aspirations :)

Aria is dyslexic and has worked hard to overcome this obstacle. In fact, she is an avid reader and books are always on her list for Santa each year. Aria is learning sign language and is on her way to being tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and Signing. Aria is a practicing Catholic at St. Ignatius Martyr and serves her parish in whatever ways she is asked.

Way to go Aria Pena Balandran for being AYF's March Athlete of the Month!

April Athlete of the Month

Ever Devore participates in AYF’s Running Club @ the Girls School of Austin. Ever was nominated by her coaches because she is an amazing friend and teammate to all and truly exemplifies what it means to be an Austin Youth Fitness athlete! Every running club she has a smile on her face, gives it all of her effort, and goes above and beyond to help a classmate when she sees them struggling. 

One of Ever’s biggest fitness accomplishments is running 15 miles over two months in PE. Aside from AYF, Ever is involved in After School Mad Science and is enrolled in a performing/acting camp at ZACH Theater this summer.

Ever’s favorite thing about AYF is that "we do a lot of fun activities that help us learn sports."

Ever’s favorite thing about school is that she "can spend time with her friends and have fun at recess and learning." When Ever grows up she wants to be a meteorologist or a dancer because she loves the news and weather on TV and she also loves to move and dance.

Way to go Ever Devore for being AYF's April Athlete of the Month!

May Athlete of the Month!

Alexander Mazry participates in AYF’s Running Club @ Forest Trail Elementary, Fit N’ Fun & Cycle the City summer camps, as well as pop-up Curling Camps! Alexander was nominated by his coaches because “his energy in the group is contagious, he sets a great example to the other runners on how to be a great listener when the coaches are talking, and leads the way when it is time to play games and have fun.”

Alexander enjoys hiking the greenbelt and has climbed to the top of Multnomah Falls in Oregon! He is also involved in swim team, basketball, and Taekwondo. Alexander loves being outside and exploring, planting in the family garden, and helping his elderly neighbors with their yardwork.

Alexander’s favorite thing about AYF is the coaches! He says “they have all been super nice and friendly.”

Alexander’s favorite thing about school is reading, math and writing, he is already on his 4th Harry Potter book and started the series 3 months ago! When he grows up he wants to be a builder and work with his dad, who is an architect, they have been practicing on weekend projects in the garage.

Way to go Alexander Mazry for being AYF's May Athlete of the Month!

June Athletes of the Month!

James and Margot participate in AYF’s Biking Club @ Westenfield Park and Cycle the City summer camps! They were nominated because "They were both excited to go on new harder and longer rides. James was always right behind me (coach Ruth) and is full of endless energy. From spotting turtles in the creek to cracking jokes, he never failed to make me laugh. Margot is a real trooper. She did all the rides on a teeny tiny bike and gave every ride her all. They both have the biggest personalities and are the funnest sister brother duo!"

James loves riding his bike along side of his mom when she’s running. He also rode his bike 10 miles last summer in Colorado when he was only 5!  Margot learned to ride her bike about 6 months ago and immediately started biking club and loves it. James and Margot are on the Westwood Waves swim team. Margot loves dance at Tarrytown Dance and gymnastics at Champions WAYA. They also play baseball, soccer and basketball at WAYA and tennis at Westwood.

Their favorite thing about AYF is going downhill and stopping for ice cream and smoothies!

James enjoys reading and always asks his teachers his “reading level” and Margot is looking forward to learning to read in kindergarten at Casis. When James grows up he wants to be a car salesman and Margot wants to be a doctor!

Way to go James and Margot for being AYF's June Athletes of the Month!

July Athlete of the Month!

Nelson Restrepo participated in all 4 sessions of June summer camps, and in the spring was part of the Casis Running Club! He is going into middle school so he acted as a junior coach and was such a huge help to the coaches. He was nominated because even though it was his first time participating in AYF camps, he was an amazing example of what it means to be an AYF athlete. He was kind, came with a positive attitude, engaged with kids of all ages, and repeat campers always asked “Is Nelson coming back this week?” He was an amazing addition to our coaching team and always stepped up when he was needed.

Aside from AYF, Nelson plays select baseball and competitive flag football. He is an advanced rider and loves to bike with our younger campers.

His favorite thing about AYF is the “nice environment” and the friendly coaches and campers.

His favorite thing about school is recess and PE which makes sense for this active kiddo! When he grows up he wants to be a MLB player.

Way to go Nelson Restrepo for being AYF’s July Athlete of the Month!

August Athlete of the Month!

Aubin has been attending AYF’s cycle the city camps for four years! Aubin is such a joy to have year after year, the coaches always get excited when they see her name on the roster. She is a great example of what it means to be an AYF athlete: she is kind to campers, always works her hardest, and gives the coaches good laughs. We love Aubin!

Aubin enjoys taking short rides around the neighborhood with her family or long rides through Austin on the trails with family and AYF. She also loves to swim and go horseback riding. She goes to a horse camp at a nearby farm and participates in a swim team.

Aubin’s favorite things about AYF is biking uphills, for a challenge, and downhills for a fun break.

Aubin’s favorite things about school are reading, playing with friends, and taking care of the chickens at school. When she grows up, she would like to have a job with animals.

Way to go Aubin Hari for being AYF’s August Athlete of the Month!

September Athlete of the Month!

Ella is celebrating over a year with AYF participating in running clubs, biking clubs, and summer camps. She especially likes participating in the giving back camps. She was nominated by her coaches because "she is an absolute joy, always comes with a smile and exudes positive energy. She’s an amazing athlete, and always willing to play hard and “work to improve.” And she’s just amazing period and a delight to be around; a helper to her coaches, a good friend and teammate, sharing her positivity and showing kindness to everyone."

Ella is also involved in soccer, karate, and gymnastics, and plans to join the swim team. She is a Brownie in Girl Scouts. Ella loves helping people, building things, traveling to London and NYC, and running children’s church.

Ella’s favorite thing about AYF is making good, kind friends.

Ella’s favorite things about school are being with friends and teachers, making art, and creating things. When she grows up she wants to be an architect, police officer, scientist, and a spy movie star!

Way to go Ella Wright for being AYF’s September Athlete of the Month!

October Athlete of the Month!

Norah has participated in the Cedar Creek Running Club for many sessions! She was nominated by her coaches because “she is a wonderful leader by example in her running and participation and in her serving others; she helps with set up and clean up, works hard in practice and games, is a team player, and is respectful and kind to her coaches and class/teammates. Norah is a joy to have in AYF Running Club!”

Norah loves bouldering and has completed a blue climb (3rd most challenging wall) at Austin Bouldering Project. She also enjoys ice skating, gymnastics, and swimming.

Norah’s favorite things about AYF are the drills and games.

Norah’s favorite thing about school is researching interesting topics, especially those related to social studies. Norah is keeping her options open for her future endeavors and is having fun being a 9 year old!

Way to go Norah Chan for being AYF’s October Athlete of the Month!

November Athlete of the Month!

Lochlan participates in the Casis Running Club. He was nominated by his coaches because “he comes to running club with a smile on his face, works well with everyone, and works hard to listen and improve during running club. He's such a great kiddo!”

If Lochlan isn't running, he is out in the backyard shooting hoops, and he can't wait to start basketball and T-Ball in the spring! Lochlan doesn't just race on foot, he also races on sheep-back as a Mutton Bustin' Rider in the Houston Rodeo!

Lochlan’s favorite thing about AYF is having fun with his coaches and his friends.

Lochlan’s favorite thing about school is eating snacks! (food is brain power!) When he grows up he wants to be a scientist "so I can test new things."

Way to go Lochlan Caskey for being AYF’s November Athlete of the Month!

December Athlete of the Month!

Colin previously participated in the Casis Running Club and has participated in many AYF camps. He was nominated by his coaches because “he really worked hard to improve his speed and endurance during running club." Colin also ran in the David Phillips Memorial mile on Sunday for a 2nd year in a row. In 2022 his mile time was 8:39 and this year his time was 7:53! What an improvement and accomplishment to be under 8 minutes at 9 years of age! 

Colin is always keeping active! He walked or biked to school all semster long. Some of this other activities include playing soccer at FC Westlake. His best position is striker, but he likes to challenge himself by playing in different positions and as goalie. He also enjoys basketball, parkour, chess, gaga ball, foursquare and a bit of football. Colin is also learning to play the drums, and his favorite Taylor Swift song is Anti-Hero.

Colin’s favorite thing about AYF is that, "It's fun and athletic!" 

Colin’s favorite thing about school is Everything! (particularly recess, friends, PE, & computer) When he grows up he wants to be a gamer, a soccer player, a YouTuber....just about everything.

Way to go Colin Coker for being AYF’s December Athlete of the Month!

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