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What is your refund policy?

We understand that things come up and plans change, so we offer full refunds for any groups/camps that your child is no longer able to attend. We can issue you a credit for a different group/camp or we can refund your card.


Can I sign up mid-session?

Yes, you can sign up anytime as long as we have space available! Just click the "Register" button on the groups page, and when you get to checkout the system will automatically prorate the charge for the remainder of the session.


What safety measures do you take for riding with a big group of kids?

We follow a 5:1 kid to coach ratio. We always have a lead coach (who rides in the front) and sweep coach (who rides in the very back), and when the numbers call for it, a float coach (who rides alongside the group or in the line). When crossing intersections, the sweep or float coach acts as a crossing guard until all bikers have safely crossed the road. We make many stops along our ride to regroup and check-in with the kids. We also make sure all participants know the road safety rules and how to bike in a group. Stay to the right, Stay in a single file line, and give space are some of the important lessons bikers learn in an AYF biking club. 


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, send an email to with days/times that work for you and we will set you up with one of our amazing coaches!


Can I do a free trial?

Yes, send an email to with the group you would like to try and we will set it up for you!


Is there any street riding or alley riding?

The bike routes vary week-to-week, and increase in distance and difficulty as the session progresses. The routes include both neighborhood riding on streets, and trail riding on Johnson Creek Trail, Lady Bird Lake Trail, and Shoal Creek Trail.


How do I register for the Girl's School running club?

Registration for our programs at GSA is handled through the school (not through AYF directly).


What is your Tax EID?

Address: 2404 Pruett St, Austin, TX 78703

Tax ID: 46-3815327

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