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Athlete of the Month 2019

January Athlete of the Month

Samuel Seif is in the 1st grade and participates in both AYF's Running Group @ Casis and Beginner Biking Group. Samuel was nominated by his coaches because he always has that smile on his face, he works really hard, and is a good, encouraging friend to others. Samuel regularly rides to school with his dad on a ride-behind bike, as well as rides to Westlake to visit friends. Sometimes those rides will be over 15 miles! Aside from AYF, Samuel is part of the Casis Chess Club, he's participated in Lego summer camps, he plays flag football and basketball at WAYA (also plays basketball at the YMCA), and played i9 summer flag football. 

Samuel is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he wants to work on computers like his mommy and daddy. He also says, "Being a football player would be nice too!"

Samuel's favorite thing about AYF is, "That I learned to bike on my own bike and now I don't need training wheels.  I can now bike with my mom to Mozart's.  And Coach Alli is very nice and fun."

Congratulations to Samuel for being AYF's January Athlete of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month

Anneliese Crawford-Honea​ is in the 3rd grade and participates in  AYF's Running Group @ NYOS. Anneliese was nominated by her coaches because "she gives 100% every time, she's a great team player, is attentive and loves to run!" Anneliese has participated in two 5K races previously, and is currently getting ready for the NYOS 5K in April. She has also hiked over 10 miles at the Grand Canyon and 13 miles at Yellowstone National Park on family vacations. Aside from running, Anneliese really enjoys yoga with Mobile Athletics as well as loves to swim any time she can and hike on the weekends. 

Anneliese's favorite thing about school is getting to learn new things. When she grows up, Anneliese wants to be an artist or write. 

​Anneliese's favorite thing about AYF is all the fun running activities as well as the different games we play. 

Congratulations to Anneliese for being AYF's February Athlete of the Month!

March Athlete of the Month

William Bucher is in the 1st grade and participates in AYF's Running Group at Baranoff Elementary. William was nominated by his coaches because he is a strong runner and he loves to participate in running club. William started running a few years ago and has been running races ever since. William ran in the Daisy Kids Mile, the Super Hero Run, and the Gingerbread Run. Aside from running, William likes most sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey, and he's looking forward to starting swim team.  

William's favorite thing about school is getting to learn new things. When he grows up, William wants to be a runner because he loves to run!  

​William's favorite thing about running club is that he gets to run! He really likes the races and the games played at running club.  

Congratulations to William for being AYF's March Athlete of the Month!

April Athlete of the Month

Alexandra Lee is in the 5th grade and participates in AYF's Running Group at Magellan Elementary. Alexandra was nominated by her coaches because she is always putting forth a great effort during running club and works cooperatively with coaches and other runners! Alexandra has participated several times in the Vern's 5K run and her personal record is 28.57, and currently her best mile time is 7.38. 

Aside from running, Alexandra participated in gymnastics for five years, two of those years competitively. She is also a strong skier who can even ski the black slopes. 

Alexandra's favorite thing about school is getting to be creative and getting to be with friends. She's not sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but enjoys cooking, creating art, and can speak Spanish and is learning Chinese. 

Alexandra's favorite thing about running club is running around and getting to end running club with a fun game!  

Congratulations to Alexandra for being AYF's April Athlete of the Month!

May Athlete of the Month

Davis S. is in the 1st grade and participates in AYF's Running Group at Bryker Woods Elementary. Davis was nominated by his coaches because he is always "hungry for more running" and is a great listener. He is always trying his best and has a growth mindset. Aside from running club, Davis is an avid soccer player and always has his soccer ball in tow. He plays goalie for Lonestar Soccer. He also loves to cheer on the Warriors, as he used to live in Oakland. 

Aside from running, playing soccer, and basketball, Davis enjoys reading, especially Harry Potter. Davis also enjoys playing school with his sister, as well as math and chess. He also has an interest in learning more about rocks and gems. 

Davis' favorite thing about Austin Youth Fitness is the tag games as well as the organized obstacle courses. When Davis grows up, he wants to be a pizza maker!     

Congratulations to Davis for being AYF's May Athlete of the Month!

June Athlete of the Month

Olivia Nykaza will be in 3rd grade and participated in AYF's Fit N' Fun and Cycle the City Camp. Olivia was nominated by her coaches because, as Coach Alli says, "She is everything we look for in an athlete of the day and my top pick for athlete of the month. She’s kind and supportive of her fellow campers (AYF "teammates”), enthusiastic and positive, attentive and helpful to her coaches (without being asked), and she comes every day “Ready to work hard, play hard, and have fun!”

Aside from AYF Camps, Olivia has participated in Tarrytown Dance DanceForce Juniorette Team for 2 years. Olivia is also a swimmer, plays with Westlake Soccer, Westwood Tennis, and Champions Gymnastics.   

Olivia's favorite thing about AYF's camps are the coaches who are so fun and nice. She also loves the games played during Fit N' Fun Camp and the freedom of riding her bike around, discovering new paths and places to go. When Olivia grows up, she wants to be Camp Longhorn counselor or director.    

Congratulations to Olivia for being AYF's June Athlete of the Month! 

July Athlete of the Month

David Phillips, pictured here on the top left with his family, is our July Athlete of the Month. Sadly, we lost David on May 2nd, 2019 after a courageous battle with cancer. David was a great father, friend, athlete, and an inspiration to so many.

It was always great to have David join his wife Allison (AYF's Cycle Group Coordinator) and their kids as they coached cycling groups and camps. He was always so kind to everyone, and like the picture above of him and his family volunteering with Faith Ministry, he always put others before himself. 

I have known the Phillips family several years now, and I know that Allison, Laney, Sally, Ellie, Lucy, and Liam are going to forever take their father David with them in their lives. This family is one that is so kind, strong, united, and are showing lots of resilience during this difficult loss. 

If you'd like to read more on David,
you can read more here. If you're interested in supporting the Phillips family, you can do so here

We love and we miss you David. May you forever watch over your lovely family.

August Athlete of the Month

Rosie Stevenson is going into 1st grade at Maplewood and participated in AYF's Back to School Camp. Rosie was nominated by her coaches because she always shows a friendly and positive attitude, has great sportsmanship, and is a great example to others. She loves running, and over the summer has become an avid swimmer. Aside from running with AYF, Rosie has been participating with Kinderdance Ballet for the past three years. 

Rosie is also a talented artist. Her favorite thing about school is art. When she grows up, Rosie wants to be an artist or a boss. 

Rosie's favorite thing about Back to School Camp is the running, the coaches, and the snacks! 

Congratulations to Rosie for being AYF's August Athlete of the Month!

September Athlete of the Month

Quinn Comstock is in 3rd grade at Casis Elementary and participated in AYF's Running Club at Casis. Quinn was nominated by his coaches because he always works hard, has a positive attitude, and knows how to have fun. Also during running club, Quinn was so kind to a new runner who join the group who only spoke Korean. Quinn took him under his wing and really made sure he had a great time!

Aside from running club, Quinn has been walking to school a mile every day he can for the past 4 years. He is also a member of the Cub Scouts, where he enjoys camping with his pack where he can work on his whittling. Quinn also loves all sports! He plays soccer, basketball, baseball, and flag football.  

Quinn's favorite things about school are math, reading, PE, and recess. When he grows up, Quinn wants to be a professional athlete, baseball or football player being his dream. But if not a professional athlete, then a professional baker! 

Quinn's favorite thing about AYF is the games we play like capture the flag, the hill of dome, and running laps.

Congratulations to Quinn for being AYF's September Athlete of the Month!

October Athlete of the Month

Jesse Brooks participates in AYF's Biking Club @ Cedar Creek. Jesse was nominated by his coaches because he took on a junior coach role and has really embraced his new leadership role. As coach Zack said, "He has flourished in his leadership role. He helps out a ton, calmly keeps doing the right thing, not because it's asked of him or because he'll get a prize, but because it's the right thing to do!" 

Jesse is an accomplished piano player and a budding guitar player.  Number one on his Christmas list an electric guitar.  He has been involved in Boy Scouts and attends Camp Lonehollow for two weeks in the summer in Vanderpool, Texas as well as various day camps here locally.

Jesse's favorite thing about AYF is riding down hills.  He was super excited to be asked to participate this session as a student assistant.  He loves to help the younger students learn the rules of the road and being a sweeper.

Jesse's favorite thing about school is math and science.  His favorite thing about school is science experiments. Jesse says “he has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up.” 

Jesse loves riding bikes and can’t wait to join the Westlake Mountain Bike Team next year.  He also loves hiking.  We go to Colorado every summer to visit his big brother that lives there and we always go on hikes.

Congratulations to Jesse for being AYF's October Athlete of the Month!

November Athlete of the Month

Maggie Oliver participates in AYF's Running Club @ Casis and is in the 2nd grade. Maggie was nominated by her coaches because she always has the best attitude, works hard, and is willing to help out during running club. 

Aside from Austin Youth Fitness, Maggie enjoys tumbling and art. 

When Maggie grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian. Her favorite subjects in school are reading and math.  

Maggie's favorite thing about AYF Running Club is warming up to musical cones as well as running laps on the track. 

Congratulations to Maggie for being AYF's November Athlete of the Month!

December Athlete of the Month

Lucy Niermann participates in AYF's Biking Club @ Bryker Woods and is in the 2nd grade. Lucy was nominated by her coaches because she has a great attitude, is really kind to coaches and other riders, and has a great time on rides! Lucy has participated in several 5Ks that support charities like Alzheimer Association and MS Society. She also loves the three mile loop on Town Lake, and has recently gotten her backbend down! 

Aside from Austin Youth Fitness, Lucy participates in horseback riding, ballet, and Brownies. 

When Lucy grows up, she wants to be sell animals to good people.  She loves to fundraise for the Austin Humane Society, and has currently raised over $700 for her birthday! Her favorite thing about school is learning science. 

Lucy's favorite thing about AYF Biking Club is that the coaches are nice and show the group new trails to ride on. 

Congratulations to Lucy for being AYF's December Athlete of the Month!

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