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Athlete of the Month 2018

January Athlete of the Month

Charlie Henderson is in kindergarten and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Obstacle Course Running Group as well as the Casis Running Group. Charlie was nominated for Athlete of the Month because he is someone who has a great attitude (always smiling), works hard, loves all things sports and outdoors, and knows how to have fun! Aside from AYF, Charlie participated in soccer, basketball, and gymnastics this past fall. This spring, Charlie plans to participate in flag football, baseball, and continue AYF! 

Charlie has received player of the week several times in the different sports he has participated in. Charlie also ran the 1 mile Turkey Trot this year and loved it! Charlie also plans to participate in the Run to the Sun Fun Run coming up in February! Charlie also loves to ride his bike and has been riding on two wheels since he was four! 

Charlie's favorite things about Austin Youth Fitness is being active and playing games at the end of each group. He loves his coaches and said, "AYF is tons of fun!" 

Congratulations to Charlie for being AYF's January Athlete of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month

Leah Deckter is in 4th grade and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Running Group at Forest Trail. Leah was nominated for Athlete of the Month because she shows up ready to participate, volunteers to be a leader, is a great tagger, and is extremely kind to those around her. She is also encouraging to younger runners and shows great respect to fellow runners. Leah recently ran in the Austin Youth Fitness Pre-Thanksgiving 5K run. Aside from running club, Leah plays soccer and is on the swim team. 

Aside from physical activity, Leah is a strong student at Forest Trail Elementary. She also participates in Girl Scouts.

Leah's favorite things about Austin Youth Fitness is that she has "tons of fun" while getting great exercise! 

Congratulations to Leah for being AYF's February Athlete of the Month! 

March Athlete of the Month

Sophia Porter is in the 5th grade and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Running Group @ Bryker Woods Elementary. Sophia was nominated by her coaches because she always shows up ready to run, encourages her teammates, maintains a fantastic attitude, and works really hard. "Her improvement this year is mind blowing and a joy to see," says coach Stephanie Quinn. "She's a talented athlete with endless potential." Aside from running, Sophia has played tennis since she was in 1st grade. 

Aside from physical activity, Sophia has been on the A student honor roll every semester! 

Sophia's favorite thing about AYF's Running Group is when she beats her brother Miles! 

Congratulations to Sophia for being AYF's March Athlete of the Month! 

April Athlete of the Month

Gus Edwards is in the 3rd grade and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Running Group @ NYOS Elementary, and has been participating in AYF since 2015. Gus was nominated by his coaches because he works hard, has a great attitude, and keeps coming back every session to improve his running! Running helps Gus in the other physical activities he's involved in which include soccer and mountain biking. He enjoys mountain biking at Walnut Creek with his dad and his brother. 

Aside from physical activity, Gus plays the violin. He also loves adventures and camping with his family in their Volkswagon camper van. Gus is also kind, helpful, and a good friend. Plus he loves chocolate and video games! 

Running club day is Gus' favorite day of the week. His favorite thing about AYF's running club is playing the fun games and being outside with his classmates. 

Congratulations to Gus for being AYF's April Athlete of the Month!

May Athlete of the Month

Gary Chauvin, Larry's father, is AYF's May Athlete of the Month. Gary passed away on April 29th, and will be greatly missed. Gary was always so very supportive of his four children and would go out of his way to show how much he cared. When I ran my first marathon in Disney World, my parents drove from south Texas to watch and support me. My father was inspired by the way his children started running and participating in 5K's, 10K's, and triathlons, so he started running too! He was a regular on the McAllen 5K series, and loved running the Cap 10K here in Austin. Just last year, Gary and his two sons completed the Cap Tex Tri relay with Gary swimming, Charlie biking, and me running. Aside from running, Gary was an elementary school teacher for 12 years. After retiring, he worked for Sylvan Learning Center for 14 years. Gary never gave up on his battle with cancer! He will be missed by all, including his wife, children, and his 9 grandchildren. 

Congratulations to Gary Soule Chauvin for being AYF's May Athlete of the Month! You can read his full obituary here:!/Obituary

June Athlete of the Month

Maeve is going into the 2nd grade and participates in AYF's Cycle the City Summer Camp. Maeve was nominated by her coaches because she has a really great attitude, works hard, is enthusiastic, has fun, and is a kind and wonderful friend. Maeve ran the equivalent of four marathons over the course of the 2017-2018 school year as part of Marathon Kids. Her time on a half mile run is 4 minutes 8 seconds. Maeve loves to run, bike, roller blade, dance and play soccer. Maeve has played soccer since she was two years old. She currently plays soccer for NASA. She is a Brownie in a troop with friends from school. Maeve also loves ballet and is a member of a competitive dance team. Aside from running,  Maeve loves to read, explore, snorkel, play with friends and fish with her grandfather. 

Maeve's favorite thing about biking camp is the hard hills, so she can improve and get better. She also loves the independence that bike camp offers. Riding all over town and stopping at favorite spots along the way for treats cooling off.

Congratulations to Maeve for being AYF's June Athlete of the Month!

July Athlete of the Month

Miller Davidson is going into the 2nd grade, and he participated in both Fit N' Fun Camp as well as Cycle the City Camp. Miller was nominated by his coaches because he participates enthusiastically, is a really nice kiddo, super positive, fun, and a joy to be around! Aside from AYF camps, Miller participates in Marathon Kids Club at his school and ran the equivalency of 2+ marathons this past school year. Miller regularly rides his bike with his dad, which includes six miles around the Veloway. Miller also swims with Nitro Swim School. 

Miller is a huge soccer fan and enjoys watching and playing the sport with the Junior Academy at Lonestar Soccer Club. Miller just recently traveled to England, where he watched lots of World Cup Soccer, toured the Old Trafford (home of his favorite soccer team, Manchester United), and was invited to sit in coach Jose Mourinho's seat. 

His favorite thing about school is playing soccer during recess. He also enjoys playing Gumball Math, a math problem solving game. Miller's favorite thing about AYF camps was riding the trails and streets of Downtown Austin as well as being a part of a great group of kids. He also enjoyed the stops at Amy's Ice Cream! 

Congratulations to Miller for being AYF's July Athlete of the Month!

August Athlete of the Month

Soleil F. is in 5th grade and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Biking Group @ Gullett. She previously participated in the biking group at Magellan. Soleil was nominated by her coaches because she is truly deserving, as she works hard, has a great attitude, is a leader, and also knows how to have a great time. She is also kind, helpful, silly and smart. She LOVES her friends and animals of all sorts, but has a soft spot for dogs and horses especially. 

This summer she learned to trot and jump low hurdles at horseback riding camp. She is confident and proud in her ability.

Twice a year, for the last 2.5 years, Soleil has taken collections of both money and other necessary items for the Austin Animal Center from friends, family and neighbors. She has involved her brother Jorrin and even successfully challenged him to donate his own money. Last winter she was able to raise approximately $90 and various necessities for the shelter. Early this summer she donated nearly $275 of mainly her own money as well to help AAC. She did this by saving up any birthday, toothfairy, dog sitting/walking and Christmas money and gathered food, beds, towels, blankets, bowls, treats, leashes, collars, toys and neighbor's cash donations she had. Soleil earned her 3rd certificate from AAC and was also highlighted on their FB page.

Soleil doesn't really seek out athletic endeavors, but has been successfully part of running, swimming and gymnastics teams. She also likes rollerskating and wishes she had more time to get really good at it. 

Soleil will try her best at anything she takes on and loves creative classes and crafting, ice cream and cookies! 

Congratulations to Soleil for being AYF's August Athlete of the Month!

September Athlete of the Month

Vance Leoni is in the 4th grade and participates in Austin Youth Fitness Running Group @ Baranoff Elementary. Vance is considered a leader at Baranoff by his teachers due to his positive attitude, good manners and effort level in everything he attempts. Vance loves to run and is always excited when it's a Running Club day at school.  Wellness class at school is one of his favorites and he enjoys participating in all sports.  Every school year since Kindergarten, Vance has completed 4 marathons during his Working on Wellness (WOW) time at school.  He'll run the laps each day which have so far equaled up to 16 marathons. 

Vance has a family tradition of going skiing each year, and with only 3 days/year doing this sport, he is now skiing blue runs in Taos! Vance swims for the Capital City Summer League with the South Austin Area Barracudas, and this year was awarded top point winner in his age group.  He also plays baseball, enjoys riding his bike through the neighborhood and picking up a game of basketball with friends.  While Vance enjoys his screen time/device use, he will often be found playing the Wii sports games and breaking a sweat!

Vance's favorite things about AYF is running, but he's especially excited about the games he gets to play during running club too!

Congratulations to Vance for being AYF's September Athlete of the Month!

October Athlete of the Month

Sylvia Town is in the 1st grade at St. Francis, and she participates in Austin Youth Fitness Beginner Biking Group. She was nominated by her coach, Allison Phillips because, "She has improved tremendously and has been working very hard both during our group and on her own at home. She was moved to the “intermediate” group because her skills have improved so much in just a week’s time! She’s also very enthusiastic, positive, and a good friend to others, including her little brother Hugo who’s also in the group." 

Aside from AYF beginner biking group, Sylvia takes ice skating and loves riding horses and skiing. Her favorite activity is hiking. Sylvia's favorite thing about school is being able to read in the loft area. 

Sylvia's favorite things about AYF is improving and being able to move up to the intermediate group with her friends. 

Congratulations to Sylvia for being AYF's October Athlete of the Month!

November Athlete of the Month

John Coury is in the 4th grade and is part of Austin Youth Fitness Running Group @ Bryker Woods. John was nominated by his coaches because, according to coach Zachary, "His effort and attitude towards his teammates is unmatched across any of my groups right now. He not only totally excels, goes all out all the time, and listens when we’re talking, but he also sets the example and encourages his teammates without any prompting." John is new to running, but is looking forward to participating in AYF's Pre-Thanksgiving Fun Run on Wednesday!

Aside from AYF running group, John plays baseball, soccer, and basketball. John is also in the choir and participates in theater. John would also love to be on American Ninja Warrior one day! John's favorite thing about school is being with his friends, and his favorite subject is social studies.

John's family just moved to Austin this year from DC and he has loved being a part of AYF. His favorite thing about the running club is being able to meet new friends and he loves running! He also loves playing infection tag.

Congratulations to John for being AYF's November Athlete of the Month!

December Athlete of the Month

Farrah Kleeman is in the fifth grade and participates in AYF's Westenfield Biking Group. Farrah was nominated by her coaches because, as coach Alli says, "Farrah is very conscientious and helpful - she rides with energy and enthusiasm while also keeping an eye out for her teammates. She’s a great friend - she looks for ways to help and support the other bikers in the group - she’s a “team player” and someone her coaches can count on! She leads by example with a quiet, subtle, but confident, self-assuredness; not drawing attention to herself, simply working/playing/biking hard with an awareness of and compassion for others. She’s my MVP and a deserving Athlete of the Month!" Farrah enjoys taking rides with her family on trails throughout the city.

Aside from AYF biking group, Farrah plays basketball and volleyball at WAYA. In school, Farrah loves to write and is even working on her own book, a mystery novel. She loves choir and can regularly be caught singing throughout the day! Farrah is also part of Generation Serve, and she also does various service activities in Austin including Micah's Pantry, Homeless Outreach, and Austin Pets Alive.

Farrah's favorite thing about AYF Biking Group is how strong she feels after accomplishing the hill rides as well as being outside!

Congratulations to Farrah for being AYF's December Athlete of the Month!

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