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Athlete of the Month 2015

January Athlete of the Month

Jack Batiansila currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Casis and is in 5th grade. Jack is a fast and fierce runner who works hard to improve his running. Jack is looked up to by students at Casis, as he currently holds the record for the fastest mile for this school year. Jack has completed in many many 5K and 10K races, and placed 3rd overall in a 10K Hell's Hill as well as third in the Texas Round-Up 5K Father/Son category. Aside from running, Jack also plays flag football with i9, is part of the Math Pentathlon Club, and is an amazing piano player. Jack has a great work ethic in school and focuses really hard. 

Jack's favorite thing about Young Guns is running with all of the other kids and playing fun games. Jack's coaches and PE teachers love his positive attitude and his drive to improve in all areas.

Congratulations to Jack B. for being Young Guns January Athlete of the Month!

February Athlete of the Month

Charlotte Delany currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ NYOS and is in 5th grade. Charlotte was nominated by her coaches because Charlotte has a great attitude, pushes herself, and never complains. She is a rockstar and a great role model for the other runners. Aside from running, Charlotte is a blue belt in Kung Fu, as well as an accomplished swimmer and soccer player. Charlotte also plays the piano and has performed in many recitals, is part of NYOS Math Pentathlon, and art club. Charlotte loves walking her pet dogs as well as reading from her favorite book series Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. She hopes to be an author when she grows up and always has creatives stories she is actively working on.

Charlotte's favorite thing about Young Guns is how much fun her coaches Erin and Melissa have every Thursday. She also loves the games we end with at YG's! 

Congratulations to Charlotte D. for being Young Guns February Athlete of the Month!

March Athlete of the Month

Jack Dover, pictured in the middle wearing a green BW shirt, currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Bryker Woods and is in 3rd grade. Jack was nominated by his coaches because Jack has been running with our group for several years and always comes ready to work hard and have some fun! One of Jack's family traditions is running the Turkey Trot, and the past 2 years Jack has completed the 5 mile run. Since kindergarten, Jack has run in the Junior Dillo, and he and his family regularly ride their bikes down to the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail. Aside from running and biking, Jack plays soccer, flag football, and is part of the BW Chess Club. Jack also loves to doodle, read, and he enjoys math problem solving. Jack also loves his two animals, his lab Scout and his cat Senior.

Jacks's favorite thing about Young Guns is playing ameba tag and capture the flag. He also loves running relays with the other kiddos!

Congratulations to Jack D. for being Young Guns March Athlete of the Month!

April Athlete of the Month

Stella and Eloise Roffers currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Casis: Stella is in 3rd grade and Eloise is in 2nd grade at Paragon Prep. These girls were nominated by their coaches because their great attitudes and their willingness to volunteer to lead the group. They are also highly supportive of other runners, and Eloise loves the challenge of running with the older kiddos. The girls first got their running bug when Stella was in 1st grade and Eloise was in kinder. It happened after they ran the Girls on the Run 5K in Chicago. They now participate in many different races and fun runs with their dad, who rewards them with wings after! 

Outside of Young Guns, the girls participate in horseback riding and Girl Scouts and love to swim and sail during their summers in New York. Stella's favorite thing about Young Guns is running, and Eloise loves running "as free as a bee." 

Congratulations to Stella and Eloise for being Young Guns April Athletes of the Month!

May Athlete of the Month

Jake Chapman currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Doss and he is in 2nd grade. Jake was nominated by his coaches because of his improvement and his fun personality when coming to Young Guns. Jake loves to run and will even join his mom occasionally during her 6am bootcamp classes. Aside from running, Jake is an avid cyclist who has been riding since he was 3 years old. He has participated in cyclocross racing and loves riding in Colorado during the summers. Jake is looking forward to running in his first triathlon this summer! 

Outside of these things, Jake also plays basketball NWYABA, flag football with i9, and just started swim team. Jake enjoys volunteering his time and has been helping with Little Helping Hands for the past 4 years. Jake's favorite thing about Young Guns is running, participating in games, and being with his friends. 

Congratulations to Jake for being Young Guns May Athlete of the Month!

June Athlete of the Month

Amelia Sublett currently attends Young Guns Running Group @ Casis and is in 2nd grade. Amelia was nominated by her coaches because she has been pushing herself really hard to improve her time, and she also loves to run and have fun! Amelia ran her two laps around the Casis track (2/5 of a mile) in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, making her one of the fastest in 2nd grade. Aside from running with Young Guns, Amelia skied her first black diamond run last year and has become a faster sprinter than her mom! 

Amelia loves to play soccer as well and enjoys playing golf, football, and basketball with her brother and father. Amelia also loves to hike in Colorado, hang out at the beach, ride her bike, and is always up for an impromptu dance party in her kitchen! 

Amelia's favorite thing about Young Guns is that her teacher, Ms. Ewing, is her coach! Congratulations to Amelia for being Young Guns June Athlete of the Month!

July Athlete of the Month

Steve currently attends Young Guns Biking Group and will be in 2nd grade this fall. He attended Young Guns Cycle the City Camp this summer and had a blast! Steve and his parents stay in biking shape by riding around the neighborhood every afternoon, gathering friends to ride with them. Steve also participates in Marathon Kids and has done Young Gun Running Group in the past.  Steve and his parents enjoy riding the Lady Bird Lake Trail and stopping along the way to explore Austin. They all enjoy the tradition of swimming at Deep Eddy and other pools around Austin for exercise and to stay cool!

Steve is on the Westenfield Swim team (go Water Moccasins!) and the WAYA Basketball summer league. He enjoys playing golf and plays baseball with Western Hills Little League.  He is also learning to play piano, attends St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, and loves playing with the dogs at Austin Pets Alive. 

Steve's favorite thing about Young Guns is biking with his friends and coaches at Young Guns Biking Group and Camp! Congratulations to Steve for being Young Guns July Athlete of the Month!

August Athlete of the Month

Jillian Swan currently attends Young Guns Running Group at NYOS and will be in 1st grade this fall. Jillian's coaches say she always has a smile on her face, has a positive attitude, and gives 110%! Jillian ran in her first 1K and 5K this year, all on the same day! Her 5K time was 36 minutes, which is awesome considering Jillian was in kindergarten! Jillian also loves running the trail and biking in the park any chance she can get!

Jillian also participates in gymnastics, t-ball, loves to go golfing with her family, and has fun snorkeling. Even though she may not be tall enough to reach the net, she is interested in learning volleyball next! 

Jillian's favorite thing about Young Guns is that she likes to run, especially in relay races. She also loves being with her friends at school in her group. 

Congratulations to Jillian for being Young Guns August Athlete of the Month!

September Athlete of the Month

Ben Levy currently attends Young Guns Running Group and Biking Group at Bryker Woods Elementary and is in 3rd grade. Ben's coaches know Ben will come to Young Guns ready to have fun, is a leader on his bike by following safety rules, and works hard to improve as a runner during running group. Ben has been biking since he was 4 years old, and it's one of his favorite things to do in the neighborhood. You can find Ben trying to improve his mile time on the Camp Mabry track or on the Gregory Gym track during UT volleyball games. 

Aside from running and biking, Ben is also on the Bryker Woods Chess Club. Ben also loves science, designing airplanes and rockets, and playing video games where he can design worlds. He is also an origami master and can fold any piece of paper around.   

We are so impressed with Ben in so many ways! Ben regularly volunteers with Little Helping Hands, where he makes food for the homeless and helps paint over graffiti. Ben's favorite thing about Young Guns Running Group is learning techniques to help him become speedy and efficient and for Biking Group, he loves exploring all the fun places around Austin like the 9th Street Dirt Park and 512Sno!  

Congratulations to Ben for being Young Guns September Athlete of the Month!

October Athlete of the Month

Josie Blackwell currently attends Young Guns Running Group at Brentwood Elementary and is in 4th grade. Josie's coaches love how dedicated Josie is to running and improving her skills. She comes to Young Guns with a great attitude! Josie ran her first race when she was four years old, the Junior Dillo. She was nervous before the race started, but once it was over, she said, "That was fun! Let's do it again!" Josie also joined the Austin Speedsters Track and Field club and participated in the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics Regional Championship in the 800 meter run. Her favorite distances are the 200 meter and 800 meter run.

Aside from running, Josie also enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and hiking with her dog. Josie is in the Girl Scouts, is part of the Brentwood Choir, and is also in Film Kids. Josie's favorite thing about Young Guns is getting to run through all of the neighborhoods near Brentwood.

Congratulations to Josie for being Young Guns October Athlete of the Month!

November Athlete of the Month

Quinlan Huh currently attends Young Guns Running Group at Cowan Elementary and is in 5th grade. Quinlan's coaches nominated him because he is respectful, kind to others, and he is a great role model for all other runners. Quinlan also shows great effort and participation in all activities. Quinlan also runs for the Austin Speedsters and has participated in the regional and national track and field meets for the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics. He qualified for nationals in the 1500 meter run and in the 3K for cross country. Quinlan also runs in other Austin races, and his fastest 5K time is 23:17. 

Aside from running, Quinlan is an avid soccer player and also enjoys tennis. Quinlan was also elected for the Cowan Leadership team last year, he currently participates in chess club, and is in the advanced 5th grade book club. 

Quinlan's favorite thing about Young Guns Running Group is being able to run with kids from his school, and he LOVES the fun activities that the Young Guns coaches come up with. He said, "I look forward to Thursdays so much!"

Congratulations to Quinlan for being Young Guns November Athlete of the Month!

December Athlete of the Month

Amelia and Eloise Durr currently attend Young Guns Biking Group at Bryker Woods Elementary and they are in 4th grade. Amelia and Eloise's coaches nominated them because they are great leaders in our biking group. They know how to be safe on their bikes, ride really strong and fast, and have great attitudes! They love to compete with each other during biking group for the lead position, and also regularly run around the front yard of their house racing each other on foot. These two enjoy competing in their school track events, and have come in 1st place in many events like the hurdles and relays. 

Aside from Young Guns, Amelia has participated in gymnastics, soccer since she was four, football, and is currently on a kickball team. Amelia also loves to draw and paint and loves finding adventures outside. Eloise plays a little tennis, has jumped 200 times on a pogo stick, has played soccer since she was four, and also plays on a kickball team. Eloise is also the senior photography editor for the Bryker Woods yearbook, loves all things technology, and is an avid reader. These two are also both on the honor roll, won first place on the district level for science fair last year, and love babysitting their two year old brother.

Amelia and Eloise's favorite thing about Young Guns Biking Group is getting to ride around and play with their friends at the parks we stop at. They also love getting a sno cone treat on the last day of the session! 

Congratulations to Amelia and Eloise for being Young Guns December Athletes of the Month!

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