Group Details

Group Structure

Where: Barton Hills Elementary School - 2108 Barton Hills Dr, Austin, TX 78704 

This group will meet for some outdoor yoga and will do this in shaded places around campus and on the greenbelt.

Who: Any kinder to 5th grader looking to work on learning basic yoga poses and stretches. 

When: Barton Hills After School Yoga Club meets on Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:15pm

Fall 2022 Dates:

Session 1 - week of August 29th to week of October 3rd

Session 2 - week of October 10th to week of November 14th

Cost: $150 per session​

When you register a sibling, you receive 15% off tuition.

Discount Codes

Teachers Only Save 50% - TEACHER

Active or Retired Military Save 50% - MILITARY

Yoga Club Structure: AYF Yoga focuses on teaching your kids the value of stretching and starting a yoga practice with proper stretching technique. Your kids will learn how to implement stretching and yoga poses to heal their bodies after a long day of running or biking! Our group aims to teach about the benefits mindful stretching will have on their body and as well as their minds! Come sign up today!

Yoga Mats Required!

Our mission is to teach kiddos to love running, movement, stretching, and biking as well as the proper form and technique in order to be life long athletes.