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Adult Summer Fitness Series
Training with Coach Alli


Hey Parents! This is for YOU! 

Join Coach Alli for strength training + child care before AYF Summer Camps, then leave your kiddo with us for a day full of fun!

Yoga + Strength + Cardio Fitness Fusion

8-9am Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Pease Park

This fusion class is based on traditional Vinyasa Yoga. Alli combines Sun Salutations with classic strength training exercises using both body-weight and free-weights. And in keeping with yogic principles, Alli incorporates meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) throughout, making it a “moving meditation,” and strengthening body, mind, and spirit. 


Dates: June 4 - 27

Once a week: $100 (4 classes)

Twice a week: $175 (8 classes)

Childcare provided!

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