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AYF Camps

Run, Bike & Play: we keep fitness fun!


Fit n' Fun

AYF's Fit n' Fun camp helps kids develop running skills and fitness through fun activities, games, and play!

The camp's structure is:

Warm-Up Activities

Form-Focus Relays

Fitness FUNdamentals


Games & Fun-Finish!

Cycle the City

Cycle the City Camp is for skilled bikers who can comfortably ride 2 miles on roads and/or trails before a rest stop. CTC Camp starts with a review of biking safety, "rules of the road," and AYF's group-riding rules ("riding as a team"). The daily rides range from 4-12 miles, increasing in both distance and difficulty as the week progresses.

Campers need their own bike (all-terrain, hybrid, or mountain bike), helmet, and water bottle or water-backpack.

Beginner Biking

AYF’s Beginner Biking Camp is for kids age 4 and up who are just learning to ride (without training wheels), and for kids who already know how to ride but are still learning basic skills - controlled starting, slowing, stopping, turning, maneuvering, and gearing. In addition to learning to ride, kids in Beginner Biking Camp will learn road safety, trail etiquette, and biking laws.

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