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Fall 2024 Registration

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Grounded in child development principles and best practices in physical education, our programs emphasize children's holistic health - physical, mental, emotional, and social. Each week we introduce a new "Fitness FUNdamental," and kids learn sport specific skills while developing "active-lifestyle" habits and improving their fitness and overall health.


Most importantly, participants learn that FITNESS IS FUN,

and having fun is vitally important to your health too!




Such a fantastic camp, where kids get to be kids, freedom in a safe environment, responsibility and they get to explore their city. So wonderful that I wish they had one for adults.


My kids have been participating in AYF biking and running classes and camps for years. We love that it gets them more comfortable on their bikes and teaches them both good running form and a love of running...I think the coaches we have now have been with the program as long as we have so clearly love what they do. We love AYF!


My son has been in AYF Running Club for two years now ... and absolutely loves it! He learns nifty running/breathing techniques and has a blast with all the activities/games to keep them active. Thanks, AYF!


Thanks for offering something that is so fun and welcoming and accessible for all kids! My son is so proud when he tells people about “bike camp.” 

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