Curling Camps

Curl Austin & AYF Camp!

Austin Youth Fitness is excited to partner with Curl Austin for a unique, fun camp experience! We will be offering two days of camp with a mix of AYF fitness fun and learning to curl on ice! 


Parents will need to drop off and pick up and drop off at the Curl Austin location. Campers will be provided a snack or two, but there will be no staying for lunch option. 

Structure: AYF coaches will be on hand to start the group with a warm-up and stretching. Then the Curl Austin coaches will take over and lead the kiddos in some of the rules of curling as well as show them some of the techniques. AYF coaches will be in charge of snack breaks as well as some game options, then participants will get a chance to do some curling with score keeping! 

When: February 21st from 9am to noon

Where: Curl Austin - 9402 United Drive, Austin, TX 78758

Who: This camp is best for 1st to 8th graders 

Cost: $50 per day per kiddo (9am to noon)